Florals for Spring 2014


The floral prints will forever be considered the embodiment of spring, familiar YES, but never falling far from extraordinary. Around this time of the year you can always count on a full floral fantasy to assure a smooth transition between between seasons and this spring is no different.

Screen_Shot_2014-02-16_at_9_07_19_PM_e3j8oi Screen_Shot_2014-02-16_at_9_06_59_PM_izyulrScreen_Shot_2014-02-16_at_9_08_14_PM_xwes48 Screen_Shot_2014-02-16_at_9_07_59_PM_hgiarw Screen_Shot_2014-02-16_at_9_07_35_PM_rdzbke Screen_Shot_2014-02-16_at_9_08_22_PM_mujrvj Screen_Shot_2014-02-16_at_9_11_38_PM_ar9wav Screen_Shot_2014-02-16_at_9_10_29_PM_j0bxpf Screen_Shot_2014-02-16_at_9_09_33_PM_gtgq1g


They were wearing:

Gap Printed Ultra Skinny Pants

Floral Print Ankle Pants

Wide Leg Floral Pant in Pink

Floral Sneakers

Floral Blazer in Navy

Skinny in Nighttime Floral

Floral Skinny Pants

Kenneth Cole New York Sarah Jessica Parker Bag